How to Set up Cash App on a Phone in Under 10 Minutes

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If you’re here, you’re interested in learning how to set up Cash App. In my honest opinion, it’s one of the most user-friendly, person-to-person money transfer services available. It’s easy to set up on iPhone and Android devices!

I use Cash App on my Android phone almost daily and I love it. There are tons of ways to get free money with Cash App, starting with the free sign-up bonus. If you download the app and enter the referral code NMXPRV7, you’ll get free cash when you use the app for the first time.

If you’re ready to get started, I’m going to teach you how to open a Cash App account. All you need is a mobile device to move forward.

How to Set up Cash App on iPhone or Android

Step 1: Download Cash App

Cash App is available on the App Store and Google Play. Download the app to your smartphone device in order to open a new Cash App account.

Step 2: Open Cash App

Upon installation, navigate to the app on your device and click to open it. Cash App will automatically launch the application to open a new account.

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Step 3: Enter Your Phone Number or Email Address

You can choose to provide your phone number or just an email address to use the app. You do not need to provide both to open a Cash App account.

Step 4: Enter the Confirmation Code

Whether you chose to provide your mobile number or an email address, you will be required to open a message which includes a confirmation code. Enter the code on Cash App as prompted and select “Next”.

Step 5: Link a Bank Account

You can easily link your bank account to Cash App using just your debit card. You can do this now or complete it later. If you decide not to link an account, you will not be able to add money to your Cash App balance or transfer money to your bank account.

Without a bank account, you can still send to and receive money from other Cash App users. Additionally, you can use the free Cash App debit card to shop online or in person at any location that accepts Visa cards.

Step 6: Enter Your Full Name

The app requires your first and last name in order to set up a Cash App account. Enter your name here. You can change this later within the app settings.

Step 7: Choose a $Cashtag

A Cash App name or $Cashtag is required in order to request or send money to other Cash App users. The $Cashtag is a unique strand of numbers and letters. It can be changed at a later date but will render the previous one invalid.

Step 8: Enter Your ZIP Code

Cash App requires a ZIP code to set up an account. You may only use Cash App in the US and UK at this time. If you are outside of these countries, you can keep checking back to see if it becomes available to you.

Step 9: Connect With Friends on Cash App

If you wish to see which of your mobile contacts use Cash App, you can select Allow Access. Each person who uses the app will be indicated when you scroll through your contacts in Cash App.

Step 10: Get to Know the App

Welcome to the app! Setting up your Cash App account is that easy. As a new user, the app highlights important features like where to view your transaction activity and how to invest and make money. Spend time navigating the app to learn more about it.

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Bonus Steps to Setup Cash App Completely

man setting up Cash App on a smartphone

Step 11: Enter a Referral Code

As a new user, you have the opportunity to get a cash bonus. Follow these steps to enter a referral code on Cash App.

Use code NMXPRV7 to get free money added to your account.

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Step 12: Send $5 to a Friend

To activate your free bonus, you’ll need to use the app within 14 days of setting up your account. A great way to get the bonus is to ask a friend to swap five bucks with you.

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Step 13: Invite Friends to Cash App

Each new Cash App account holder is assigned a unique referral code. That means you can invite friends to the app and earn a signup bonus when they use your code. Your friends can sign up and get money which makes it a win-win for both you and them.

Step 14: Design and Order a Cash Card

You can design your own Cash App Card and have one sent to you in the mail for free. Use the Cash Card to take full advantage of the cash Boosts and free Bitcoin offers. You can earn Bitcoin using the card at your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and more.

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It’s so Easy to Open an Account With Cash App

Cash App makes it extremely easy to set up a new account on your smartphone. And it’s worth having the app! I can’t tell you how many times I get stuck owing a family member a few bucks here and there. Now that I have Cash App, I can settle my little debts immediately instead of waiting until the next time I visit the ATM.

Download the app today to get started. You won’t know if it’s the right money management app for you unless you give it a try.

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