Avoid The Cash App $100 to $800 Flip “Blessing Loom” Scam

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Have you seen a friend on social media asking you to “bless” someone with just $100 and in return get $800 back within a few hours? They may refer to this as a blessing loom.

Or perhaps you’ve seen friends asking you to send a gift to someone in order to get eight gifts back–a gift circle.

And finally, the request to send a book out to a stranger to get a load of books in return–a book shower.

All of these requests have one thing in common–they are pyramid schemes. At some point (sooner than later), they crumble, and many people who participate end up losing money or possessions.

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What is Cash App?

Before I explain the $100 to $800 Cash App scheme, it’s important to know that the app itself is not a scam. Cash App is a legitimate money management app. I use it all the time to get free cash Boosts, send money to friends and family, invest in Bitcoin and stocks, and much more.

It’s easy to set up Cash App on your phone and use it every day. New members can get a free cash bonus for entering a referral code upon signing up.

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While Cash App is not a scam, scammers will use it to target unsuspecting users. The best way to avoid Cash App scams is to only send money to people you know. If a stranger promises to “flip” your money for you, then block them. It’s not worth the risk of losing your hard-earned money.

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What Is the Cash App $100 to $800 Flipping Scam?

While there are a number of legitimate ways to flip money on Cash App, this scam is not one of them. The Cash App flip $100 to $800 is a pyramid scheme.

How to Turn $100 Into $800 Cash App

To initiate the scheme, one person posts an exciting request for friends to join in on a “money circle” or “blessing loom.” Since social media algorithms show posts to close friends and family first, you’ll end up duping the people whom you care for the most.

Basically, the post states that if you join the loop and bless someone with just $100 and then repost the original message, you’ll get eight payments of $100 in return for a total of $800. Sounds easy, right?

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group of women sending money to each other on Cash App

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Why You Really Can’t Cash App $100 to Make $800

The reason this doesn’t work in the long run is that somewhere down the line, the chain breaks. Let’s say the first person actually gets eight friends to pay $100. Then, each friend reposts the message and gets a handful of friends to pay them. By the third, fourth, or even fifth round, there will be hundreds of people at the bottom of this virtual pyramid who will send $100 and not get any payments in return.

Those at the top of the pyramid will ultimately be “blessed” by all of the “losers” at the bottom.

The same goes for the gift circle and book shower previously mentioned. While the original message for these schemes often encourages participants to “give without expecting anything in return,” it’s still built on the premise that there will be a reward for their action.

Use Cash App free money code NMXPRV7 to get an INSTANT cash bonus! Just swap $5 with a friend through the app to qualify.

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Not All Who Promote the $100 Into $800 Flipping “Game” Are Scammers

I’ve seen well-meaning friends join in on these schemes hoping to “bless” someone and in due time be blessed as well. The instructions are explained in such a way that the Cash App $100 to $800 and similar “blessing loops” sound so believable.

But they just can’t work forever. They will always fail somewhere down the pyramid structure, and that just might mean that you’re the one to lose $100. Or you could be setting up your friends and family to lose their money if you join in the circle and encourage them to follow your lead.

To some, sending Cash App $100 to make $800 is a risk they are willing to take. But to others, losing that $100 could feel devastating.

Either way, according to North Carolina’s Department of Justice, these schemes, also referred to as “gift clubs,” are illegal.

Don’t Participate in The Cash App $100 to $800 Flip

You might be wondering why it’s such a bad thing to risk $100 for the chance to get $800. After all, it’s not that much if you lose in the end.

Maybe to you, it’s not a lot of money, but the majority of people who fall for this scam are in a hard financial position. They think that if they could just get $800, it would put food on the table or new shoes on their kids’ feet. It’s those people who this method is scamming.

To join in on this $100 to $800 Cash App circle would be preying on the people who are willing to give up their last bit of cash for the hope of a brighter future.

Regardless of whether or not you think the risk is worth it, just remember that gift circles are illegal, and it’s best to stay far away from them. 

Don’t encourage your friends and family to join in this ridiculous scheme. Instead, see it for the scam it is, and research legitimate ways to make money. Many people believe that there is a fine line between real and fake ways to flip money, but as long as you never hand money over to a stranger, and you trust the people you pay, then you have already committed to using Cash App in a safe manner.

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